As you may know, IFSA each year sends a delegation of forestry students interested in climate change, and the processes that occur during the COP. This year IFSA has been awarded seats to this incredible conference, and it is my objective that we, not only take advantage of this unique and wonderful experience for our own benefit, but also promoteIFSA through various events which are being planned as we speak. While not all conferences, events etc. are relevant for forestry students, many are, and a detailed program deemed relevant for IFSA members will be provided during the trip. In order to apply for this wonderful event and share quality time with other IFSA members in wonderful Warsaw, please fill in the enclosed form, and send it to the new head of the UNFCCC sub-commission Abel by email no later than 13th of september. Abels email address is [email protected]. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or Abel. Just write a short presentation of yourself, why you want to attend the conferens and why you are interested in climate change and forestry. PS: It’s a bit tricky to find financing for COP processes, but I’m sure you’ll find your way. If you needs some tips for financing please don’t hesitate to ask. Priority for the delegationwill be giving to those who already have financing . Remember, if you are not 100% sure you can attend please don’t apply for the conference. Remember also that if you think you still can find financing before November you should apply. Last year was ten applications and all students would have gotten a place for the conference, but only 4 could finally make it. Chris]]>