The Forest Dialogue (TFD)

The Forests Dialogue (TFD) was created in 1998 at Yale University to provide international leaders in the forest sector with an ongoing, multi-stakeholder dialogue (MSD) platform and process focused on developing mutual trust, a shared understanding, and collaborative solutions to challenges in achieving sustainable forest management and forest conservation around the world. The goal of TFD is to reduce conflict among stakeholders over the use and protection of vital forest resources.

Over the past years, TFD has brought together more than 2,500 diverse leaders to work through compelling forest issues in what we call “Initiatives”. It utilises the MSD model to progress from building trust among participants to achieving substantive, tangible outcomes. TFD primary tool – focused dialogue – is simple and powerful: We first ENGAGE a diversity of interests to foster relationships and build trust around contentious forest issues; We then EXPLORE the issues at hand and craft a shared understanding of the objectives, challenges and opportunities ahead; We ultimately seek CHANGE through consensus-based collaboration aimed at immediate action and long-term progress. TFD is governed by a Steering Committee composed of a diverse group of individuals representing key stakeholder perspectives from around the world.

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IFSA’s Engagement

In 2020, IFSA was formally accepted to become a part of TFD by joining its Steering Committee (SC). The SC of TFD consists of no more than 25 well-known, distinct executives from the global NGOs, academia and forestry industry. The goal of TFD in collaboration with IFSA is to support youth engagement. So, the primary benefit for the IFSA community will be the ability to participate in the regional dialogues that TFD organises worldwide. Hence, the involvement in the dialogues will provide IFSA representatives with valuable experience in stakeholders engagement, conflict resolution, and decision-making processes. Moreover, it will be a unique opportunity to collaborate with global forestry leaders closely. Lastly, being based at Yale University (USA), TFD encourages international students to apply for the postgraduate forestry studies at Yale. Thus, students can receive an education in one of the world’s leading universities.

Meet the Head of Sub-Commission

Stella Ndagire is the Head of TFD Sub-Commission

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