Open Call for Applicants for Head of Council Position

Dear IFSA World, The Head of Council elected at the 26th General Assembly in 2015 has chosen to resign. As such, Council and Direction (together known as IFSA 7) are looking for a new Head of Council. The Council is a body of the International Forestry Students’ Association and consists of three Councillors from different countries, elected individually every year by the General Assembly. Head of Council is chairperson of the council for the year and holds the following roles: Respecting IFSA’s statutes and decrees and ensuring IFSA operates in a democratic matter; Overseeing Regions and Commissions of IFSA & conveying all relevant information to members; In this case – Communication, Fundraising, Southern Europe, and Northern Europe Judging the suitability of members and applicants for membership and admitting new members; Evaluating of the appropriateness of proposals for the agenda according to the Statutes; Evaluating of the IFSA Annual Report for the General Assembly, especially verification of the Treasurer’s Report on accounts and bookkeeping, including a signed note to the GA that names possible irregularities or confirms that none such were found; Advising and supervision of all organs and bodies of IFSA on its own initiative or on request; Mediating in case of internal quarrel; Directing the Vice-President to substitute the President if necessary; and Assisting Direction in any capacity when necessary. The role of Head of Council is a time-intensive and important element to IFSA’s World functions. As such, there are several expectations and requirements. Among them are the following: Maintain regular communication with Regional Representatives, Commission Heads, and Direction; Participate in open, democratic, decision-making with the rest of Council; Set the timeline and oversee council activities and projects; Organize, set the agenda and chair monthly council meetings;Prepare documents for Interim and IFSS; Write three progress reports for the remaining 2015-2016 IFSA year; Attend IFSA events, such as Interim and IFSS; and Prepare changeover documents as well as other material requested by the Vice-President Expected workload of 7 – 15 hours per week. The ideal candidate will be: Detail oriented; An excellent verbal and written communicator and can produce professional and formal reports; Has excellent time management skills; Available during weekdays to check emails and participate in telecommunication and virtual meetings; Has prior experience leading a team of volunteers and/or chairing a committee; Self motivated and has strong team building skills; Be a current ordinary IFSA member or have graduated within one year; Be from an IFSA LC not in the Asia-Pacific or Northern America regions Application Requirements If you are interested in applying for the role of Head of Council please submit the following to [email protected] by January 15th at 23:59 CET. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. This application has a rolling deadline, applications will be considered as they are received. It is in your interest to apply as soon as possible. Up-to-date CV; Cover Letter detailing motivation for applying and qualifications for role; Short essay of 250 words describing what you would bring to the role as well as IFSA 7;4. Short essay 250 words describing your personality; Short 250 words describing your understanding of the structure and operations of IFSA; and Letter of verification by LC President stating that you are a member of the LC. IFSA Council and Direction reserve the right to follow-up the application process with interviews if necessary. If you have any questions about the application please contact Gabrielle Schittecatte, [email protected] and Jan Joseph Dide [email protected]]]>