MODULE 1: Why halt deforestation? “With the current rate of deforestation, there will be no forests left within the next 100 years.” Figures like this sound terrifying, but are nevertheless not actually far away from reality. Deforestation in the eyes of a conservationist is an ecological tragedy and in the eyes of the investor a money-making opportunity. How can you reconcile opposing interests? Can two perspectives about nature: a sustainable one and a monetarily oriented one be compatible at all? We’ve got to be aware that this Hamlet’s dilemma of “halting or not halting deforestation” is in fact hope. Even though there is no turning back on social and ecological losses from losing forests, our actions today can halt deforestation now. Both the “we” and the “act now” are fundamental components to reverse the Hamlet’s paradox. In times of climate change, biodiversity crisis, increasing pressure on food security and livelihoods – sustainable forest management must be our priority Number One. Not convinced yet? Then learn how forests influence 5 aspects you may have never thought of: 

1. Forests can beat Climate Change

2. Forests provide Water

3. Forests provide Food

4. Forests alleviate Poverty

5. Consumptive lifestyles consume Forests

By now the Hamlet’s dilemma about halting or not halting deforestation should be clarified. Both science and international efforts to solve this challenge leave no doubt that halting deforestation is the only way to go. Let’s transform these problems into opportunities! Forests are sources of life on this planet. Potentially 1 billion ha of degraded lands could become forests if reforested. If you stand for a forest friendly future, you stand for life on this Planet. How about you? Have you already planted a tree? If not, keep on reading, you can learn how to do your part now 😉

MODULE 2: What is causing deforestation?

How do you stop something if you don’t know what causes it? Follow Kim along his path to see how some individuals encounters deforestation drivers in their daily life. A key takeaway: agriculture is the leading driver for deforestation.

MODULE 3: What global action is being taken?