A long-time IFSA collaborator, The Forests Dialogue (TFD) based out of Yale University, is looking to connect with students who study mass timber building materials or climate-positive forest products more broadly. Read a brief description of the new TFD initiative below and reach out to [stella] and Luca [[email protected]] with an overview of your interests to get in touch and learn more.

In 2020, TFD launched an initiative aimed at exploring stakeholder viewpoints on climate-positive forest products and their potential to be scaled up as a climate solution. Using TFD’s tested methodology and mass timber construction materials as an entry point, the Initiative will build understanding around major disagreements, knowledge gaps and ultimately generate agreement amongst stakeholders on a path forward. Questions about the potential for mass timber building materials to be scaled up as a climate solution and the impacts this might have on climate, forests, and people will be addressed. As an integral part of this initiative’s development, TFD is currently identifying and engaging with stakeholders, including students, that focus on this area of study. We look forward to connecting with IFSA members in the next few weeks who are interested in this field of study and the dialogue process.