All foresters are in love with wooden accessories. Together with Treefield it is possible to support IFSA with wearing Treefield accessories. Treefield is donating 10% of each purchase every month to IFSA. The more you share Treefield online shop the more IFSA’s fundraising grows. What is Treefield? Treefield is an online shop from one IFSA member who loves woodworking. Kristjan Sepp is from Estonia and he is currently the Head of Web Sub-Commission. His dream has always been to do something that has never done before. It all started in 2006 when he tried woodworking for the first time. Each time he had a strong drive to create something unique and elegant. Now he has a chance to share a piece of forest with all of us. Where the money is used for?  For developing IFSA, its functioning and activities. Money will go into IFSA Funds and be directly benefiting our members. What kind of wooden accessories are there? Wooden bow ties, wooden watches, wooden sunglasses etc. What is the website? ]]>