Friday September 20th, 2013. Note the rapidly approaching deadline; however you might be able to update a previously submitted paper for a class or some kind of unpublished work that can be modified to conform to the guidelines of Unasylva. You can publish original research or an article generated from secondary literature, but not purely opinion pieces. There will be an internal IFSA selection process that will select the best four or five articles to be submitted to FAO, and then UNASYLVA editors will select the best one for publication. Please write an email to Andrea Vásquez ([email protected]) if you are planning to submit an article, so we can give you additional information and feedback throughout the process. We encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity! If interested, here is more information that was provided by FAO: Unasylva is FAO’s international journal of forests-related issues. It is produced in English, French and Spanish and distributed in print and on the Web. Each issue explores a theme; recent themes have included “Forests, people and wildlife” and “Measuring forest degradation”. Articles are subject to peer review. The topic for next Unasylva issue 242, has as its theme “Mediterranean Forests”. We are interested in showcasing the outstanding work of students. Articles may be submitted in English, French or Spanish (with an abstract submitted in English). The article should be not more than 2000 words. Each article must be accompanied by (high-resolution digital images) to help illustrate the text, if they can be provided.]]>