Nepal, where key stakeholders will come together to discuss sustainable forest management implementation and recommendations recommendations for UNFF11? Well, applications are now being accepted for attending the 2015 MGI Global Workshop! IFSA is part of the UNFF Major Group of Children & Youth, and participation of IFSA members is encouraged. Funding is available for participants from developing countries and economies in transition, and the application consists of a nomination form. If you are eligible and interested in being sponsored, please get someone to nominate you. And if you know someone who would be great for this workshop, please nominate them! It would also be amazing if you could distribute this call for nominations to other forestry/youth networks in your region. The deadline for nominations for sponsored participants: December 15, 2014. See below for more details. Self-funded participants can also apply; they can register themselves and their deadline is January 31st, 2015. See below for the full details of the event. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] Best regards, Olivia Sanchez and Anna Stemberger UNFF Children and Youth Major Group *********** UNFF Major Group-led Initiative in support of the United Nations Forum on Forests 2015 Global Workshop: “Sustainable Forest Management: Designing the Vehicles for Securing the Means of Implementation” What: The meeting will bring together approximately 90 key stakeholders from all UNFF Major Groups, member state governments, and intergovernmental organizations actively involved in the UNFF process. The meeting will be participant-driven and designed to ensure high levels of participation and engagement among delegates. The structure will combine the following elements:

  • Presentations by invited speakers;
  • Participatory, round-table discussions;
  • Interactive presentations of commissioned case studies;
  • Plenary convocations;
  • Strategy building workshops;
  • Field visits to interact with Major Groups representatives in Nepal.
When: March 2-6, 2015 Where: Kathmandu, Nepal ******


Funding is available for a limited number of participants from developing countries and economies in transition! Selected participants will receive:
  • Provision of a return economy class ticket
  • Full room and board in Nepal
  • Local transportation in Nepal relating to the workshop
  • Transportation home-airport-home in the participants country of residence – only if the participant lives in a city different from where the departure airport is located
  • Visa fee for Nepal
Eligibility: To be considered for sponsorship people should live in one of these regions: Note: Residents of developed countries are not eligible for sponsorship. E.g. a student from Africa or Asia living in a developed country will not be eligible. Application process:
  • To be considered for funding, participants must be nominated by someone (this could be someone from the same organization or from a different organization).
    • If you would like to participate, someone else must nominate you.
    • If you know someone who would be great for the workshop, you can nominate them!
  • The NOMINATION FORM must be completed by the person making the recommendation (the first part is the details of the nominee, the second part is about the person making the recommendation)
    • FAQs: The nominee’s organization (e.g. IFSA Local Committee, environmental youth organization etc.) should be in a developing country or economy in transition
    • If the nominee’s organisation involves youth, classify it under UNFF Major Group Children & Youth
  • The nomination form must be submitted by the deadline December 15, 2015
Please check this link for more information on participant registration and eligibility for sponsorship: *******


Apart from sponsored participants, opportunities to participate in the event are also available for those who are able to self-finance or find funding from other sources (e.g. their universities, organisations, or government departments). You may register to participate by clicking here. No registration fees will be required. These places are opened to all Major Groups, governments and all Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF) members. Registration for self-financed participants will be open until January 31, 2015.]]>