Jonas, Natalie, and Max at the UN Environmental Programme (UNEP) this week.[/caption]

Max Krombholz 

“My name is Max Krombholz. Currently, I’m doing my bachelor in forestry at the TU Dresden. For this period I’m the UNEP commissioner, so I’m even more excited to be a part of the UNEA-3 in Nairobi this year. And happy to have arranged a time slot for an IFSA presentation at the civil society tent.”

Natalie Gray

“Hi, I’m Natalie. I grew up in the Pacific Northwestern United States and have been based in Nairobi for a few months. Since graduating with an interdisciplinary environmental science degree from the University of Washington, I’ve dedicated myself to solving socio-environmental challenges in the government, non-profit, and business sector(s): including as policy assistant at the City of Seattle, and as an efficient biomass stove technician for Kenyan families.”

Jonas Geschke

My name is Jonas, next to Natalie I am the second Alumni of the IFSA UNEA-3 delegation.

I undertook my studies in Freiburg, Germany, where the IFSA Secretariat is located. I did my Bachelor in International Forestry and my Master in Environmental Sciences, with a focus on wildlife ecology. During my studies, I was active in the LC Freiburg as well as IFSA Executive Secretary and Head of Fundraising. Now, I work at the Museum for Natural History Berlin, where I coordinate a project in the biodiversity science-policy-interface, mainly CBD, IPBES, and SDGs. For German speakers: Besides this, I am still trying to find opportunities for funding for IFSA.

Regarding UNEA-3, feel free to follow my Twitter-Posts at @ifsadotnet and @J_Geschke.”


Linda Amanya 

“Based in Uganda, I’m a distance learner on the MSc. Tropical Forestry programme at Bangor University. Linda also serves as a communications officer at Panos Eastern Africa; loves folk music, good food and all things nature…”  

Bocheng Zhang

My name is Bocheng Zhang, I come from China. I am a BSc student in the Forestry and Environmental Sciences at Bangor University, UK. I am interested in forest policy, sustainable development and environmental management. I also love writing poetry. It’s my honour to represent IFSA at UNEA-3.”   Kind regards from your UNEA-3 delegation,

Jonas, Natalie, Linda, Bocheng, and Max