Image by Naomi van den Berg. This conundrum, however, should not serve as an excuse to postpone the transition to renewables. No, this is still something that global society should strive for. However, it serves to show that we need to include the concept of circularity in the supply chain – the idea of ‘cradle to cradle’ – if we want to strive for a just energy transition and the inclusion of all parts of society.   Naomi photoNaomi van den Berg is a MSc student at Wageningen University, studying Forest & Nature Conservation. Her main interests are modelling chemical cycling and population dynamics in forest ecosystems, and wildlife ecology. She strives for a career that combines both science and policy-making. She is super happy to have gotten the opportunity to represent IFSA and to push for inclusion of forests in all kinds of discussions at COP23. Forests for the win!]]>