alpas – Forestry Beyond Borders

Over the Horizon and Beyond the Borders.
Together, let’s break free and explore the boundless opportunities in the world of Forestry!
The Association of Filipino Forestry Students-UPLB invites you to the very first IFSA Awareness Webinar with the theme “ALPAS: Forestry Beyond Borders”, happening this April 29, Thursday at 3:00 PM UTC+8 via Zoom. It is an interactive webinar which talks about the different opportunities that the International Forestry Students Association (IFSA) has to offer. It aims to connect forestry students all over the Philippines, build new relations, and discover forestry opportunities beyond borders.
Our notable speakers are Cecil Konijnendijk Van-den Bosch, Marsia Belikova, Luisa Gragnaniello, and Jan Joseph Dida!
Cecil Konijnendijk, a Dutch national, is the former IFSA President from 1993 to 1995. His research and activities on development, education, advisory, and dissemination focuses on the important role of woodland, trees, and other green space in urban settings and societies. A true leader ready to share his goals, inspirations, and experiences in IFSA.
As the current IFSA Forestry Education Sub-commission Head, Marsia Belikova from Greece is more than willing to share the different educational and scholarship opportunities in IFSA. Through these opportunities, Marsia will also share with us how it assists the growing student mobility in raising awareness of global forest initiatives, as well as present countries specializing in different forestry areas.
Luisa Gragnaniello is the former IFSA Cultural Competencies Sub-commission Head in 2019. Through the development of training programs and learning materials on cultural awareness and ethics for IFSA activities, she continues to inspire a new IFSA community towards diversity and intercultural understanding.
Currently a consulting member of IFSA, Jan Joseph Dida is also IFSA’s former Head Membership Counselor (2016-2017) and Vice President (2017-2018). With his expertise and experience with IFSA, he is grateful to discuss ways on how we can help IFSA Philippines be a more proactive unit.
This is open to ALL FORESTRY STUDENTS from all over the Philippines!
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