Activities this Autumn:


We had our traditional barbecues near the forestry building to improve the IFSA spirit between forestry students and professors, teachers.


This Autumn we had three seminars which were – falconry hunting in Portugal on the 18th of November, and the other two were about the importance of riparian forests in the ecosystem and genetic improvement in tree species.


We planned a workshop for this semester on mycology, on the 16th of November with the help of the investigator Iryna Skulska. Later another workshop on arboriculture was conducted at the end of November.


We have been continuously putting effort into improving the merchandise for our LC in the best way. We now have new items such as metal pins with the LC logo and clothing.


We continue with our strongest sponsorship with STIHL

Other activities:

Our LC has also organized some other events such as forestry students dinners and hangouts.


Changes in the members of our LC:

Rita Martins            – New 3rd “vogal”

Carolina Nóbrega   – New secretary

Daniela Gonçalves – New Tax Rapporteur