Hello IFSA family,

Greetings from LC Thessaloniki, Greece!

Although winter is almost here for most European countries, we still have some summer to share…and also some news! 😊

First things first, we’re in the process of changing our LC’s logo! Our friend from LC Brașov, @Alex Stainbok, created some beautiful logos and we’re in the process of choosing the one that suits us better! We really want to thank him for his amazing work and will be sharing our results with you!

In the meantime, we’re in the process of an Open Call for new members! We have already published on our Facebook and Instagram posts related to it and we have arranged presentation at the University, the upcoming week! We’re utterly excited to make our team bigger!

As everybody knows, one of November’s highlights is “SoINNOvember” event in Austria and we’re very happy about it, since this is the 3rd event in a row, in which our LC was able to be represented!

This time, our VP, Victoria Datsi, is the person representing our LC and we wish her to have a blast (and we’re sure about it) and expecting her feedback impatiently.

Our agenda is full of plans this year and we would love to share all of our ideas with you in this very Autumn Newsletter but we will need lots of pages for this. So, let us pinpoint our biggest ideas here!

  • Our LC is in open discussion with the LC of Brașov, about creating a 2-way unofficial event in the next semester, as part of the partnership that both LCs are pursuing! We’re crossing fingers that this idea will work out and we will keep you updated!
  • Forest Education is something our LC really wants to aim for in the future and regarding this idea, we would love to start by hosting the CDC meeting that will take place this year!

That’s all for now folks…but not for too long! We are working hard and we will update you soon enough regarding our plans and actions!

G.F.S.A. wishes you a pleasant and fruitful autumn!

Sunny “goodbyes” and big Greek hugs from Thessaloniki’s sea shore!