by Mahtuf Ikhsan Picture: Satriyapayoga-Deviant Art Located along the tropical rain rainforest with its bright sun, beautiful bird singing and  splashes of freshwater, Indonesia is ready to make the Asia Pacfic charming again. IFSA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) 2017 is being hosted in Bogor, Indonesia under the official theme Forest Value Towards Sustainable Development Goals. The organizing commitee from IFSA LC-IPB will make a great sound for all participating forestry students. Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting (APRM) is one of the annual IFSA events that invites forestry students in the region to discuss forestry related topics and promote the effectiveness of IFSA regionally. The first meeting was in 2013 when two IFSA regions merged together to form Asia-Pacific region. The first meeting was held in Kookmin University Seoul, South Korea. The second meeting was held in University of Kyoto, Japan, and this year we are honoured to hold the event in Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia. APRM 2017 will be running from May 15th until 21st . The theme, Forest Value Towards Sustainable Development Goals, is dedicated to the United Nation’s mission to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Furthermore, we consider these global issues to be concerned specifically related to forestry such as land degradation, energy crisis, global warming and climate change. We aim to increase knowledge and interest of students towards these issues in order to achieve a sustainable future for our region. As students, we can play an important role in forestry decision-making activities. Youth brings fresh ideas and energy to the negotiation table on how to pursue a green future . Youth has a voice when it comes to providing input on the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals and our collective actions can create long term impact for the future of our earth. The organizing committee, which consists of 55 people, has designed a very special program for the event. We will bring you to some of the most stellar places of West Java Province, like the beauty mozaic of Bogor Botanical Garden, the cloudy area of Gunung Walat University Forest and also introduce you to the amazing traditional and sustainable life of local communities in Cultural Village Sindang Barang. A substantial part of the program will include academic lectures, talks from keynote speakers and a trip to the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). A poster session is planned as well and we encourage students to submit their research. Thank you for everyone that has register for the APRM 2017. For detailed information and payment instructions please visit . Also, don’t forget to follow our fanpage APRM Indonesia 2017 for frequent updates. See you in Bogor young foresters!  ]]>