Europe hosts incredible diversity. But have you ever wondered how such diverse forest ecosystems are governed? Which policies can balance the trade-offs and synergies of various types of forests?

Join this Conference on Forest Governance for Ecosystem Services at the European Forest Institute (EFI) in Bonn, Germany, to learn about how a thorough and integrated governance approach can foster ecosystem services. Discuss with interdisciplinary policymakers, practitioners and researchers the future of ecosystem service governance in an intergenerational and cross-sectoral dialogue!

A small number of IFSA representatives has the opportunity to obtain waived ticket fees, free accommodation and a look behind the curtain of forest governance! The conference and the surrounding programme, which will be held from February 25 to 28 provides a unique chance for IFSA members with a strong interest in bringing forests to the policy level.

Apply until the 7th of February, and become 1 of the delegates, receiving fully-covered accommodation and free access to the conference.

More information about the conference you will find here:

Any queries should be sent to the coordinator of the IFSA delegation, Ján Matúš Urbančík; [email protected]