Letter to the IFSA Members

Dear IFSA members,

The Discord Task Force is happy to invite you all to join the brand-new IFSA Discord server!

What is Discord?

Discord is a communication platform used to create online communities, due to its practicality and accessibility on your phone, computer, the Discord app or just an internet browser. It’s basically a forum, a chat and a video call platform all in one!

Why is IFSA using Discord?

We came up with the idea for the IFSA Discord because we wanted to create an online community for IFSA, where we could replicate that feeling we have during physical IFSA events and the networking and knowledge we share there, without having to take the risk of travelling in the midst of a pandemic.

As soon as we realized how cool Discord was, we decided to invest in the long-term development of this community, no matter the pandemic, with the objective of making IFSA accessible all year round, not just during events.

What do I find on the IFSA Discord server?
Discord is organized in topic-based channels: text channels and voice channels.

Usually, each channel is topic-based and gives you an organized way of talking about anything you would love to talk about to other IFSA members during any in-person IFSA event.

On the IFSA Discord server, there are channels for:

  • IFSA World
  • Regions
  • Main spoken languages in IFSA (so far 5 languages with the option of creating more)
  • Forestry Club
  • Fun & Games

If you want to talk about forestry, climate change, or just hang out with other IFSA friends, this is the place for you!

Sounds amazing, how can I join the IFSA Discord server?

In order to join the IFSA Discord Server, you can click on this link. Take into consideration that you need to create an account on Discord in order to have access to our server, but it will just take a few quick steps.

You can use discord on the browser (eg: Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.) or download its application on both desktop and mobile (we strongly recommend the latter point!).

To download the application of discord on your phone/computer, you can find the link here.

We are aware that it might be a bit complicated to use Discord at first, but there will always be an Admin or a Moderator ready to help you (you will find us online basically everyday – just go to the #support channel or DM us on Discord!).

To learn more how to use website check our introduction video or the slides.

If you have any questions, send an email to [email protected] or contact us on Discord via the #support system.

“For a World that appreciates forests”

The Discord Task Force
Damiano, Pedro and Simone