Plenary 1 – August 6th An introduction to IFSA and how we work as an international organization. IFSA reports for 2017 – 2018 will be presented (Annual, Financial, Interim, etc.) and all IFSA officials will share an introduction to their position and the work that they have completed. Decisions made:

  • Removal of LO Alumni
  • Removal of LO FAO
    • proposal to create Head of Sub Commission FAO in the International Processes Commission
  • Removal of LO IFISO
  • Addition of LO RECOFTC/The Forest Dialogue
If you are interested in being a part of next years IFSA Officials and Commissions review the updated Job Descriptions for all positions and see this Open Call. Resources:

Plenary 2 – August 7th

A deeper dive into IFSA’s institutional functioning – a look at a road-map for the next 5 years (IFSA Strategy) and the proposed new IFSA Statutes and Rules of Procedure. This plenary will see a presentation of both elements, a vote to approve both items and a discussion on how to improve these documents. Decisions made:
  • approved the new IFSA Statutes
  • approved the new Rules of Procedure
  • moved approval of IFSA Strategy, presentation of IFSS 2019 to the 3rd Plenary
  • votes on proposed content changes (to be shared)
PLEASE see this document to review proposed Rules of Procedure Changes Resources:

Plenary 3 – August 11th

The third plenary allows us to take a closer look at the individuals who seek to contribute to IFSA’s work for the 2018-2019 year. This plenary is the last call for members to be nominated/nominate themselves for an IFSA official position and this is also where the ‘vetting’ of officials begins. Starting from the Board, those running for Board or Liaison Officer positions will deliver speeches followed by a Q&A from the General Assembly. All video and written applications will be uploaded to a google drive accessible to LC presidents.

Plenary 4 – August 14th

Here we elect and appoint all IFSA Officials, including the nomination of Regional Representatives and Commissions (decided collectively at workshops throughout the week). This is also the plenary where the past officials are discharged and applauded for their service. The appointment of all Officials, consulting members, and honorary members establishes the core group of people contributing to furthering IFSA in the 2018 – 2019 year.

Plenary 5 – August 17th

Plenary 5 paints a vision for the future, with each incoming official presenting a statement of their goals and plans for the year. For those not present, the applications folder will contain these plans and visions and an email will be sent out following Plenary 4 to notify LC members of the elected incoming IFSA officials and commissioners. It is with this new vision and unified voice that the IFSA General Assembly closes.
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