IFSA’s Web Commission is happy to announce that the new website for IFSA has been published!

The story of this new website started during Interim 2019 when we realised that we needed more features on our website. So, we did a brainstorming workshop to get ideas and drafted a website plan and strategy.

And the journey started…

After many meetings, calls, googling and hours of debugging random issues we eventually managed to achieve our goal.

The main improvements on the new website is an account system for all IFSA members to enable IFSA Tree House, IFSA forum and a private section just for members. Moreover there is a clearer structure optimized for new users, both potential members and external partners, a new modern mobile-oriented design and much more.

At the moment the website is still not finished, in fact, you can see that some section are still work in progress’ (e.g. https://ifsa.net/learning) and a warning on all pages. However, we have all the foundations to build a complete website: we plan is to finish and polish during by the end of this IFSA term.

Short term goals for the website are launching the account system and Tree House for everyone (not just testers); Increase the content published on it and especially ensure that all official and unofficial events are on the new calendar, to be followed by both members and external partners.

I want to thank everyone who made this happen! I especially thank Lisa, Sylvannisa, Annebel, Jia-Yi and Fergus for their big contribution to this website.

Simone Massaro


P.S. We really appreciate your ideas and feedback, as it is the only way to have a truly well working website. Use this form https://forms.gle/aDJPkcjCoVgQPwKR7 or write to [email protected] if you have any tips or feedback

P.P.S. If you have read the post till this point, it looks like you are really interested in the IFSA website. You can join our team as Web Commissioner! To discover more write and email to [email protected].