In occasion of the 40th European Forestry Commission (EFC), the Forestry Department of FAO invites IFSA members to join this event as observers to learn and give a voice to youth in the European region.

This Commission is one of six Regional Forestry Commissions established by FAO to provide a policy and technical forum for countries to discuss and address forest issues on a regional basis. It meets every two years. Every second session of the European Forestry Commission (i.e., every four years) is held jointly with the session of the Committee on Forest and Forest Industry of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, so this event in Geneva is the great opportunity to attend both events, learn something new, gain a lot of experience and interact with many experts.

As observer during the event, the International Forestry Students’ Association (IFSA) will send a delegation of 3 members to give support and empowerment to forestry student in the region, encouraging them to participate and engage at the upcoming NAFC 2019.

The EFC has a number of associated subsidiary bodies, including the Working Party on the Management of Mountain Watersheds; the UNECE/FAO Working Party on Forest Statistics, Economics and Management; and seven UNECE/FAO Teams of Specialists.

Since FAO encourages wide participation of government officials from forestry and other sectors as well as representatives of international, regional and subregional organizations that deal with forest-related issues in the region, including NGOs, and the private sector, this event is the great learning opportunity.


4 November 2019 – 7 November 2019


Geneva, Switzerland
Who can apply

It is strictly required to be a member of an IFSA LC. Applications will be processed only if provided with a letter of support from the LC president. Please send such letter of support to [email protected].

The working language for the EFC will be English, however simultaneous translation in English, French, Spanish and Russian will be provided.


Each participant has to cover its own costs (travel, accommodation and meals) and will receive a PARTIAL refunding which will ONLY partially cover
– travel expenses
– accommodation expensesAs we are a registered educational NGO (IFSA), all of our financial support for delegates is by reimbursement only, this means that participants need to keep all receipts of travel and accommodation expenses for further partial reimbursement.

Please note that the financial support is unfortunately not enough to cover all the costs and no delegates will receive full funding.

The reimbursement will take up to 2-4 weeks to process from the end of the event. The amount is subject to the discretion of the organizing committee.


The deadline for the application is 21th October 2019.

Contacts and Extra Information

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IFSA contact person:
Head of FAO Sub Commission ([email protected])