Dear IFSA World,

Web sub-commission and design sub-commission are looking for a joint commissioner . As you may know we are currently creating a new website for IFSA (you can look at progresses at, so there is opportunity to design the new IFSA website.

This is a an exciting opportunity to get involved in IFSA, without all the duties of being an official. Nevertheless you can get almost all the advantages of an official. When you are a commissioner you work together with the head of the commission to do all the tasks.

A commissioner does not have any time constraint, you can leave the commission at any time. Your contribution is always useful even if you can spend only one hour per month on commission work.

Job description

What you will do is helping us in creating the new website pages, depending on your skills and your interests you can be more focus on the design part or on the web part. For design there is the need to choose colours, fonts, layout, pictures… For the website part you’ll need to make all of this stuff happen (there will be no coding just using a nice and friendly page builder).

Required skills

Actually the only required skill is IFSA passion!

Then creativity and fantasy are important, while some experience with photoshop or IT stuff may be a plus.

How to apply

To apply for being a commissioner send a mail to or to


If you are interested in joining the communication commission, but don’t like this position there are always many other interesting tasks you can do.