Are you convinced that we can change narratives with storytelling? 

Do you want to share your stories about the environment via vlogs?

Then take the chance and apply for one of the 2 spots available!

This is an opportunity for everyone who is keen about sharing their knowledge, passion and commitment in climate protection through regularly short videos in English. Show others your way to the COP25 in Chile, why it matters to you and why international collaboration is crucial. Make specific agenda items that are important to you accessible for others. 

The start of this campaign will be in August and will require a regular upload of videos about your thoughts, experiences and preparations. During the campaign you will have the opportunity to attend a conference (to be decided) in advance to the Conference of Parties in Chile. The highlight will be the attendance of the COP25 as a delegate in either week one or two. 

Travel expenses will be covered, supportive funding for accommodation is available.

This call is limited to applicants, whose countries are listed in the UN REDD Programme! Please do ONLY apply if your country is listed in here.

Please fill out this application form by no later than July, 28th 7:00 CEST.