Dear IFSA Family,

Would you like to experience what being an Organising Committee is like? This is an open call to host Interim 2019/2020!

Interim is the mid-year meeting for IFSA officials. It usually lasts for a week and takes place between late December and early February. Since most of the work that we do is spread all over the world, this is a chance for officials to be able to get together and work face-to-face. Officials explain the difficulties met during the first part of their terms, try to find solutions, plan the work for the remainder of their term and regain energy by diving into the IFSA spirit.

So, what would hosting Interim involve?

This would basically mean providing:

  • Accommodation,
  • Food,
  • A working space for approximately 15-30 people (depending on how many officials confirm their attendance).

The main objective of hosting Interim is to give officials a working space, so it does not need to be anything extra elaborate. Of course, 1-2 fun activities (showing you forests and culture or meeting some of you University professors or fellow students) are welcome (to catch a breath after all of the work), but these are optional.

If you are looking for ways in which your LC can get more actively involved in IFSA, and testing your fundraising skills to host events, your chance is here!

Those who are interested in hosting the event have until Wednesday 31st of July 2019 23:59 GMT+3 (Estonia Summer Time) to send in an overview (in whichever form you prefer: Video, PowerPoint, etc.) with:

  • A description of why you would like to host the meeting,
  • The exact location,
  • A rough outline of the budget,
  • Potential/preferred dates,
  • How many officials could attend
  • Bonus: estimate of participation cost per official (if possible!)

Please don’t forget to include the name of the LC that would be organising it!

If you will be unable to attend IFSS please brief a participant or board member how to best present in your stead. If you are attending IFSS 2019, you will be given the chance to nominate your LC until the 3rd Plenary Session (however you will still need to prepare a presentation with the information listed above).

Please send in your proposals to: [email protected]

Looking forward to receiving your applications!

On behalf of the IFSA 7,

Lisa Prior