Dear IFSA World!

Would you like to become more involved with what happens in IFSA? A new opportunity is here – you can now apply to become an IFSA Official for the 2019-2020  period!

We are in search of an enthusiastic and self-motivated individual who will serve IFSA in the capacity of Head of Carbon & Sustainability Sub-Commission. The term of this position will be for the remainder of the current IFSA year (until IFSS 2020). This individual should be from one of IFSA’s local committees.


In the face of climate change and an increasingly environmentally aware population, IFSA’s demand for an environmental footprint officer is higher than ever.

To provide education on a global scale, global action is necessary. As a decentralised organisation that implements digital as well as on-ground action and fosters cultural exchange in international meetings, carbon emissions are inevitable. Yet, IFSA is dedicated to a world that appreciates forests and moreover, the environment. But this commitment requires action. As part of our next-generation strategy, the General Assembly in Estonia decided to establish a commission to evaluate the networks’ carbon footprint and to come up with possible ways to mitigate the impact of our Carbon output on Climate

The Carbon Sub-Commission will be situated under the Capacity Development Commission. It provides you with the staggering opportunity to change our network and to positively influence our environment. Taking up this new and exciting role allows you to apply your creative problem-solving skills and to come up with your very own vision and solutions for the pressing problems of one of the largest students’ associations in the world. As the Head of the Carbon Sub-Commission, you are a vital component of IFSA’s future strategy at the very centre of our association. While you are expected to be motivated, proactive and solution-oriented, the role rewards you with a chance to acquire new skills and to gain an in-depth understanding of carbon management. We are looking forward to your application!

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Development and establishment of a universal, transferable and dynamic CO2-assessment scheme applicable for the IFSA and IFSAsan network
  • Assessment of  IFSA’s overall carbon and environmental footprint
  • Identification of possibilities to reduce and/or offset the CO2 emissions of IFSA
  • Support  LC’s who want to track their footprint or start own CO2 offsetting program
  • Identify possible cooperation with CO2 offsetting companies
  • Make IFSA and the IFSA meetings more resource-efficient (eg: printer paper, disposable tableware, etc)

Collaboration and relationship:

  • Possible cooperation with carbon offsetting organisation
  • Close collaboration with the Projects and Grants HoSC
  • Collaboration with IFSS 2020 & IFSS 2021 organising committees

Desirable skills and attributes: 

  • Focused and independent worker
  • Have an overview of future action and plan
  • Experienced in relevant field
  • Creative problem-solving skills
  • Knowledge of existing carbon offsetting schemes
  • Responsive, proactive and teamworking skills
  • High-level of motivation

How to apply:

You must provide the following documents. Both documents (1 & 2) must be submitted as a SINGLE PDF file. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

  1. A letter from your Local Committee (LC) President verifying that you are a member of the LC.
  2. A motivation letter and strategy for the position (not more than 1 page, font size 12)
  3. A three (3)-minute video about your motivation and the strategy for the position.

Your letter of motivation must answer:

  • Why do you think that this position is important for IFSA?
  • Why would you want to become an official for this position?
  • How would you achieve this positions main tasks?
  • Do you think you have the right skills for this position? What are they?
  • What international events are relevant for your position, and will you be able to attend them?
  • What would your key goals for the year be?
  • Why do you think that this position is important for IFSA? How much time will you be able to commit to carrying out this position’s tasks?
  • What, from your understanding of the role do you think your work will be focused on?

All applications must be sent to: [email protected]

All applications must use the subject: HEAD OF CARBON & SUSTAINABILITY SUBCOMMISSION application – YOUR NAME

Any application which does not meet the requirements and instructions listed shall be disqualified.

DEADLINE:  8th -10- 2019 – 23:59 CET