Dear IFSA World,

This is a an exciting opportunity to get involved in IFSA, without all the duties of being an official. Nevertheless you can get almost all the advantages of an official. When you are a commissioner you work together with the head of the commission to do all the tasks.

A commissioner does not have any time constraint, you can leave the commission at any time. Your contribution is always useful even if you can spend only one hour per month on commissions stuffs.

Job description

In the web commission the main task is keeping the website content updated. It is needed to update official description, commissions description as well as adding new blog post and web pages.

This position is very good if you would like to be informed on what is happening in IFSA since you manage the website where there is all the information.

Required skills

There aren’t any specific skill required! In the web commission there are many kinds of tasks and most of them does not require any particular abilities. However being a commissioner can be a valuable way to learn useful IT skills.

How to apply

To apply for being a commissioner for the web send a mail to