Dear IFSA Family,

the Web Commission is happy to announce that it is looking for new commissioners!

The reason is that we are currently rebuilding the IFSA website, so this year there are many stuff to do!

Position description

In the Web commission there are a lot of different tasks ranging from publishing an open call to designing a page look. The exact task depends mainly on you and what you like to do. Here there are some example of possible things to do:

  • updating a page content
  • selecting nice images for a page
  • customize images/graphics for posts
  • reviewing comments
  • get in touch with LCs to talk about new website features
  • hacking with HTML/CSS
  • what you believe would be useful for the IFSA website

Commissioner is an unofficial position, which means you are not elected like an IFSA official, but selected by the Head of Commission.

As a Commissioner you are rather flexible, both in time you commit to IFSA activities and in tasks you do.

Required skills

The most important skill is motivation an excitement about IFSA!! The are no required skills (really), anyway some experience with WordPress or Photoshop (or similar software) can be useful.

Why you should apply

Being a commissioner is in general a great opportunity to get involved in IFSA, gain valuable experience  and contribute to the IFSA mission.

Web commission in particular lets you to be always updated on what is happening around IFSA (an increasingly number of post and events are published on the website) and learn some IT/WordPress/design skills which are always a valuable in the future.

How to apply

To apply for being a commissioner for the web send an email to [email protected], with a short introduction to yourself, your reasons for applying and how much time you can commit to the commission. We’ll review all the applications as soon as possible and let you know!



If you are not interested in the web commission, but you still are willing to contribute to the IFSA mission please contact the relevant head of Commission (you can find mail addresses here