The first team of the WFUF-Mini Series has decided to hear everyone’s perspectives on Urban Forestry, and their personal and professional connection to the field, their hopes for the future. You will meet the following people in the video:

Luisa Gragnaniello – Italian Forestry Student
Joonas Parviainen – Architect
Cecil Konijnendijk – Professor at University of British Columbia in Vancouver and former President of IFSA 1993-1995
Niall Williams – Landscape Architect
Gina Serrano – Architect and student Sustainable Tropical Forestry

Questions that are being asked are personal, like ‘what does urban forestry mean to you?’, ‘what would you like to change in your city’ and more! Find out in the video below. Afterwards, tell your friends about our educational series and spread the word!

Additionally, one of the most inspiring people of the first day will provide us with some answers! Cecil Konijnendijk is one of the biggest names in Urban Forestry. He is a professor in Urban Forestry at the University of British Columbia, and Co-Chair in the Scientific Committee of the Forum.