Dear IFSA World,

Are you a creative young writer who would like to have an impact on other young foresters around the world? The Commonwealth Forestry Association (CFA) is looking for articles from an IFSA youth perspective to be published in the CFA newsletter on a regularly basis. 

List of possible youth-related topics:

– Forest/Forestry education
– Forest/Forestry job opportunities (or lack of them) and their challenges
– New avenues in forest/forestry research
– Role of the youth in International governance processes
– Reports of youth projects/events/conferences which have inspired change or where the outcomes took adequate notice of the voice of young people

Article criteria:

– Number of words: 500-1000 words
– Additional requirements: 4 relevant photos if possible (the best 2 will be chosen)
– Contact: [email protected]

If you have any questions or topic suggestions for the next CFA newsletter article, please contact Joanna.