Dear IFSA friends,

Apply as an observer to the European Forest Institute’s annual conference!

The past years IFSA has had 2 member spots (the President and the LO) for EFI’s annual conference, but this year EFI is giving us the opportunity to have more spots to the conference as observers. The registration fees could be covered by EFI, depending how many participants we have.

The Conference and the Seminar will take place in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, on 30 September – 2 October 2015.
The theme of the seminar is the state of forest policy research and practice in science-policy interface in Europe and Russia.

More information available here: 

Please contact Iida if you would like to participate and send an application explaining why you would like to come along with a verification letter (just a letter indicating that you are a member of the LC) signed by your LC president. Send your application as soon as possible— the deadline is Sunday, September 6, 2015 at 00:00 (+2 UTC)

Iida Viholainen
Liaison Officer for European Forest Institute 2014-16
e-mail: [email protected]  phone: +358 4082 12551