Dear IFSA Family

The Language Sub-Commission is excited to announce that we are looking for new commissioners!


What is the Language Sub-Commission?

As the largest global students’ association for forestry and environmental studies, diversity is one of our main strengths when it comes to providing a platform to discuss multiple ideas from varying backgrounds and perspectives. However, we acknowledge the challenges that are associated with diversity when it comes to effective communication between members. On the contrary, it has also provided us with the opportunity to learn secondary languages from native speakers regardless of the language. Therefore, the Language Sub-Commission has been established to acknowledge the challenges and will conduct a few projects to involve diverse IFSA members around the globe with different language, cultural and professional background.


What do we do?

In the language sub-commission, the current on-going project is to add secondary language to IFSA promotional materials such as video. The video production usually sought through the collaboration between IFSA or communication commission with event organisers ranging from international to local committees of IFSA! Furthermore, we are also in the planning of establishing a language exchange programme in IFSA!


What is a commissioner?

Commissioner is an unofficial position in IFSA which also provides opportunities to IFSA members to volunteer and learn. Commissioners can arrange their time accordingly to contribute to IFSA as they see fit.


How to become a Language Sub-Commissioner?

There is no need for any high level of qualifications, just your enthusiasm, motivation, can-do attitude and also proficiency to communicate in English. Knowledge of a second language is a plus!


Why you should apply?

Being a commissioner is a great opportunity to get involved in IFSA, gain valuable experience and contribute to achieving IFSA’s vision – A world that appreciates forests. Also, the opportunity provides you with the opportunity to get to know your peers around the world! Last but not least, having an extra set of skills in translation would come in useful one day!


How to apply?

You must provide the following documents and email to [email protected] with the subject: COMMISSIONER application – YOUR NAME

  • A simple motivation letter including your self-introduction and time available to contribute to assigned tasks (per week). (not more than 1 page, font size 12)


DEADLINE:  27th -12- 2019 – 23:59 GMT